About Us


My name is Margo Weijer, designer and owner of Galerie xs. You can also visit Galerie xs offline in the Netherlands at Voorstraat 16 in Delft.  Measuring 8 m2, it is the smallest gallery in Delft, probably of the Netherlands and perhaps even the smallest in whole world. 

On this 8 m2, I create my own world, presenting work of my own and work of others that matches with the style of Galerie xs.

I am a designer and stylist making free work as well as working on assignment such styling jobs, photography for social media and designs for print.

You can find affordable art, great gifts, and unique post cards at Galerie xs. 

Don't hesitate to drop by if you are in Delft, I am not a in-your-face sales person but allow you to look at the work undisturbed while some great tune is playing in the background. Talk to me if you are looking for custom work, I am always open for a chat to look at options.

Call the number below if you want to visit outside opening hours but the webshop is always open of course! 


Galerie xs

Voorstraat 16

+31 6 22634444

Regular opening hours: Saturdays 12.00-17.00 (and by appointment)